Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Mini Whiteboards For Feedback

Mini whiteboards are a great formative assessment tool. Teachers can use mini whiteboards in classrooms in many ways to facilitate the exchange of feedback. A video showing several such ideas is available on the AAC website, near the bottom of this page: Formative Assessment: Whiteboards (Video) 

Some ways to use mini whiteboards as feedback tools include:

  • Whole Class Feedback
    • The students answer a question and hold up their responses. The teacher scans the room and decides what to do next, based on the student responses.
  • Teacher Feedback to Individuals
    • The students work on a problem on the whiteboards. The teacher circulates. The bright colours make it easy to spot student errors and misconceptions and provide immediate feedback.
  • Peer Feedback
    • Students work through a problem, and then compare solutions with a partner. They provide feedback to each other.
    • Students could be grouped for discussion based on their answers to a question.

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