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Performance Assessment Update: Task Specific Competency Connections

Alberta is in a time of transition. A new Ministerial Order is now in effect which outlines expectations for student learning, including a focus on literacy, numeracy, and competencies. Although curriculum prototyping is underway, the results of which will inform the development of the new programs of study, the existing programs of study are still in effect.

Gr. 9 Social Studies: Papaschase Land Claim
Task Outcome/Criteria Correlation

The Ministerial Order states that "competencies are interrelated sets of attitudes, skill and knowledge that are drawn upon and applied to a particular context for successful learning and living, are developed over time and through a set of related learner outcomes." It has not yet been determined whether the competencies will be addressed separately from the outcomes or embedded within the assessment of outcomes.

During this time of transition, AAC performance tasks will continue to link the assessment criteria to the existing learner outcomes. However, a separate document has been provided that shows the specific competencies that are addressed within the task. For educators who are grappling with what the "new" competencies might look like in action, the AAC competency connection and task specific outcome/criteria correlation documents can provide concrete examples to consider.
Gr. 9 Social Studies: Papaschase Land ClaimTask Competency Connections

Browse through the library of Performance Assessment Tasks on our website (like the Papaschase Land Claim PA Task shown on this page) and have a look at how the Outcomes/Criteria of the task align with the competencies in the related Competency Connection documents. We hope that by making links between the familiar language of outcomes and criteria to the potentially not-so familiar language of competencies, you might gain some clarity around what the competencies look like in the classroom.

We'd like to hear from you: 

  • Does this process help you to gain clarity about what the new competencies entail? 
  • Are there questions that arise when doing so? 
  • What additional support do you require to assist you in this process?

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